• Client // Domino's on behalf of Big Communications
    Concepts & Design by LeighLeigh. Copyright 2012.
Domino's Domigoals app was a huge success in the summer of 2012, so much so that I was commissioned to produce data visualisation using the impressive statistics behind the apps success after the Fifa European Championships in 2012.

The app was the brainchild of Big Communications, a full service design agency based in the midlands, UK. The app worked alongside the European Championships, when a goal was scored, a user would log in to their app and hit the 'goal' button, and the first few thousand that did this for each goal received discounts on their next pizza purchase from Dominos. Nifty!

The data shows the success of the operation during the summer of 2012, including social networking successes as well as financial gains - all using a football themed graphic langauge within the Domino's brand look & feel.

This is mainly used as a marketing tool for both Big Communicartions and Dominos Pizza to help gain recognition of the success of the product in order to build a bigger and better application.
Infodesign, web, print
Domino's Pizza